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Golden Age of the Catalan language

The golden age of Catalan language was developed in Valencia.

How is it possible that being Barcelona the most important city of the Crown of Aragon , the golden age of Catalan language will be developed in Valencia?
It is as if the golden age of the Spanish language had developed in Granada.

Valencia, like the Balearic Islands, received its language and culture from Catalonia. Although the conquest of Valencia was not as bloody as the Balearic, Valencia was also widely populated by Catalans.
At least, that is what Catalanism tells us.

However, it is very curious that the golden age of Catalan language , in the 15th century, did not develop in Barcelona.

It is also curious that the Valencian authors of this time, do not call the language in which they write Catalan, but Valencian.

It is also curious that Catalan authors of the XV - XIX centuries, do not call Catalan to the language in which they write, but Limousin(translation) .

Or that the most famous author of the "Catalan language" was the Majorcan Ramón Llull .

Seems that " a group of counties " from the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, conquered to the Moors and repopulated Lérida , Tortosa and a part of Aragón . Conquered and repopulated all the Balearic Islands. Conquered and repopulated Valencia and a piece of Murcia, as well as part of Sardinia. Without forgetting the south of France, what they call the Northern Catalonia.

Really the ability of reproduction of the Catalan people is incredible.
Above all, INCREDIBLE!

Especially knowing that in this time, it is documented, that part of Catalonia was still being repopulated.

Perhaps, the great majority of the population, continued living where he always lived, and simply changed some lords, the Arabs, for others, the Catalans, contributing with something of population.
While the native people adapted to the new circumstances and new lords, as happened when the old lords, the Visigoths, were replaced by the Arabs.

Here is a sample of that INCREDIBLE Catalan repopulation of Valencia, where he tells us about Mr. Don Próspero de Bofarull i Mascaró , director of the Archive of the Crown of Aragon. You can check the Catalanist manipulation on the supposed Catalan repopulation of Valencia.

manipulador catalanista
Don Próspero de Bofarull, newpaper EL MUNDO.
He had to be the conservator and guardian of the archive, however he manipulated the
documents, so that the supposed Catalan repopulation of Valencia was much greater.
As they say, they caught him with the ice cream cart.

Surely the Valencian Golden Age, was fed from the cultural substratum before the Catalans, Al-Andalus , the most advanced society in Europe at that time.

While in the 10th century, the Catalan romance developed as one of the different Occitan dialects spoken in the South and the French Mediterranean coast.
In Valencia we see this romance reflected in the jarchas , which was romance written in Arabic alphabet. The jarchas were verses in romance, written at the end of poems written in Arabic.

Arabic translation

Ay mamá!,
meu al habib vay-se
e no més tornarad,
Gar, que faré yo, mamá?
no un bezyello lleixarad?
Ibn Lubbun, 11th century
Text in Valencian

Ai mamà!,
el meu amat se'n va
i mai mes tornarà
Digués, que faré yo, mamà?
ni un beset me deixarà?

While in the territory that will later be Catalonia, Catalan begins to differ slightly from the Occitan language, in Valencia already exists Valencian authors who create poetry and literature.

As in Valencia, in Mallorca, another area inheriting from Al-Andalus, and that gave a unique character in the Europe of his time, as Ramón Llull. Born in Palma 2 years after the Christian conquest and trained in Mallorca. A land that according to Catalanism, was emptied of people and repopulated with Catalan peasants.
Although their parents had a house in Barcelona, ​​they were probably originally from Montpellier , fleeing the Cathar persecution.

literatura siglo de oro catalan
Tirant lo Blanch. Wikipedia
Joanot Martorell never said that he wrote in Catalan but in Valencian.

autor mas importante literatura catalana
Ramón Llull en un manuscrito, año 1321. Wikipedia
Born and formed on an island where his entire population was murdered or sold as a slave, and repopulated by Catalan peasants. And there are still people who continue to believe this stupidity, without daring to question anything.

The enormous inferiority complex suffered by Catalonia for more than a century, has made possible to create a glorious cultural past that never existed, to cover the absolute mediocrity that was the Catalan culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, has appropriated the baggage of Valencia and the Balearic Islands, which can boast of having left their mark on the European culture of that time.

They say that history is written by the winners. But if you are a loser with enough money to buy renegades and traitors, and put them in strategic positions, such as education, politics, media, justice ... You can rewrite history at your convenience.



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