Apocrypha Majorca


If the new settlers came from Catalonia, why are the farmhouses from Balearic Islands so different from the Catalan farmhouses ? Because they did not make these constructions similar to their place of origin, as would be the most logical.

On the island of Ibiza we have an example of architecture, which goes back many centuries. Some scholars tell us that they could come from the Phoenician era .

This puts into question the issue of the repopulation of the Balearics. Why the new settlers were going to continue making these same constructions ?. Would not it be more logical for them to build their houses, similar to those of their place of origin?
It is as if the Spanish conquerors of Peru, had continued making constructions similar to the Incas . However, its buildings were Spanish colonial style .

According to a Canadian architect (translation) based in Ibiza, these constructions could come from the Phoenician era in Ibiza , 3,000 years ago.


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