Apocrypha Majorca

Some contradictions

If the inhabitants who populated the Balearic Islands before the Catalan conquest, were killed or expelled from the islands, and the islands were populated by Catalans. There are a series of contradictions that do not fit with the Catalanist version of history.

Just observe to realize this.

Peasant dress. The Majorcan peasant dress has absolutely nothing to do with Catalan ones.

Architecture. The country houses of the Balearic Islands are different from the Catalan ones.
Toponymy. There is not a Nova Barcelona or a Nova Girona, the names of the towns in their great majority are previous to the arrival of the Catalans.
Gastronomy. In gastronomy there are dishes that are typical of the Balearic Islands and others very similar to Arab or Jewish foods.

And many other details that make it very difficult to admit the Catalan version.