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1984 and the catalanist farce

Having given the competences of education to the autonomies has been the biggest mistake of this country, Spain. This has made it possible for a territory like Catalonia to have the opportunity to rewrite history at its convenience, and if for a time they had some difficulty addressing according to what issues, in these moments of total independence madness, historical manipulation is shameful.

In the work of George Orwell (1984), there was a ministry (the ministry of truth ) that was responsible for rewriting history according to the interests of the regime.
When the regime changed its allies, all those documents that could question the new alliance were eliminated, and history was rewritten to adapt to the new situation.

Although the Catalanist regime has it more complicated, it also manipulates history. One of the most famous cases is that of the former head of the archive of the Crown of Aragon, Próspero de Bofarull (translation). It was discovered that he had manipulated the records of Catalan settlers in Valencia, to make believe that the Catalan repopulation seemed much greater than it really was.
It is suspected that manipulations in the archive have been continued, and attempts to restore documents to the archives of Valencia and Mallorca have been useless.

dinastia corona de aragon

One of the most shameful manipulations of Catalanism has been to make believe that in the union between the Kingdom of Aragon and the County of Barcelona, ​​the house of Barcelona was annexed Aragon, when the reality was rather the opposite.

Ramiro II of Aragón marries his daughter Petronila with the Count of Barcelona, ​​Ramón Berenguer IV. Ramiro II did not grant the title of king to the Catalan, but only recognized him as Prince, by way of this marriage. Petronila remains the sole holder of the Kingdom, and in official documents issued by her refers exclusively to her husband as Count of Barcelona.

In the union of his daughter with the Count of Barcelona, ​​Ramiro II declares: "I will be King, Lord and father in the aforementioned kingdom and in all the counties until I please."
However, the Catalan version, makes believe that the Catalan count became king when marrying Petronila. Even on the website of the Government of Catalonia, they speak without any flush of "Catalan kings".

"Expansion in the Mediterranean.
With the Catalan Kings, the Crown prospered and expanded in such a way that its territories touched Mallorca, Valencia, Sicilia, Corsica, Sardinia and Naples. "

However, as we can see in the graph, the dynasty of the Crown of Aragon follows the dynastic line of the Kingdom of Aragon, with Alfonso II, while the dynasty of the house of Barcelona simply disappears.

Returning to Orwell's book, there was what was called Newspeak, it consisted of a more simplified language in which new words had been created and others had disappeared, so that what is not part of the lexicon can not be thought of.
In the Catalanist regime something similar happens, in TV3, the television of the regime, the word Spain has disappeared in the news or in the weather forecast. Now to avoid saying Spain they say: the state or the Spanish state.
And they have created new words such as: Catalan-Aragonese Crown , Catalan-Aragonese Confederation, Catalan Countries.

In this episode of cartoons, the name of Spain is repeatedly omitted. This is the shameful manipulation that is made of children in Catalonia.

This is just one of the numerous episodes of indoctrination carried out by the Catalan regime.
After 30 years of lies and manipulation, what is strange is that the supporters of independence have not even reached 50%.

In a hypothetical independent Catalonia, and continuing with Orwell's book, the ministry of truth would be composed of the INH (New History Institut).
According to this institute, irrigated with subsidies from the Generalitat of Catalonia (Government of Catalonia), Christopher Columbus was Catalan, like Amerigo Vespucci, who was actually called Despuig, or Saint Teresa of Jesus, Hernán Cortés, Bartolomé de las Casas... they were also Catalans. And by the way, what is already amazing Cervantes was obviously Catalan and wrote Quixote in Catalan laguage, when he was persecuted by the inquisición fled to England and there took the name of... Shakespeare (translation). AWESOME !!
All these "unquestionable truths" have been hidden and distorted by Castile, who always envied Catalonia.

All this that seems the work of a group of geeks, is actually supported by the independence lobby, and characters like Jordi Pujol (former president of the Generalitat), or Carod-Rovira (former vice president of the Generalitat), have shown their support and sympathy.

Here you can see a video of one of the important members of the INH, Víctor Cururull. Do not miss it, he goes from less to more, when it seems that he can not say more stupid things, he still surprises you!

This is a video of Dolça Catalunya, if you want to have a fun time, you can see a few more of them. Funny if you're not a Catalanist, obviously.

If you think that this is something anecdotal, only of interest to four undocumented fans, it is enough to verify that the most watched documentary of tv3, the television of the regime, was " Desmuntant Leonardo ", where it is affirmed that Leonardo da Vinci was Catalan.
On the contrary, tv3, the television of the Catalanist regime, vetoed another " documentary , where opinions of people and groups opposed to the sovereignty process are collected. In this documentary they explain how after a large group of professors presented a manifesto against linguistic immersion in Catalan (all classes are given in Catalan language, less Spanish language), thousands of them had to leave Catalonia due to the pressure of groups loyal to the Catalanist regime. Leaving the Catalan educational system in the hands of addicts to the regime.

In the Balearic Island there is also linguistic immersion in Catalan language. Teachers from the Balearic Islands who do not agree with the immersion they do not say anything, after seeing what happened in Catalonia, who would dare?
It is very sad to see how half of the Catalan population lives coerced by the other half, indoctrinated and fanatized.
Situations that we thought would never be repeated in this country, happen again.

Catalanist toast
Catalanist toast. www.mediterraneodigital.com (translation)
While the independence leaders impose linguistic immersion "by blood and fire" throughout the public school, they take their children to elite private schools where education is given in several languages, including Spanish laguage.
manifestacion contra lengua española
Demonstration in front of the Pia Santa Anna school in Mataró. www.abc.es (translation)
Demonstration of catalanist parents and catalanist groups so that the school did not give 25% of the classes in Spanish language, as the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) had ruled.

This situation is reminiscent of any sect in which its followers live according to the norms dictated by their leaders, while these leaders do the opposite, taking advantage of the stupidity of their followers.
Do you remember that televangelist who asked his faithful for money to buy a private plane? "God wants me to have it".

These documentaries and lectures that seem surreal or taken from a movie of absurd humor, is what the kids of Catalonia have to digest on a daily basis.
For example, at the Cor de María School in Mataró (Barcelona), they are read a book called "Muntanyes russes" , which shows, "without any doubt", that Christopher Columbus and Cervantes were Catalans.
This thing that adults may seem geeks ravings, for some kids who are still forming, is to instill the idea that the treacherous Spain, is the enemy that has prevented the glorious Catalan people can develop as a European power.

In this video we see how victimization and hatred towards Spain are used to indoctrinate children of first children's course. It is represented " the battle of Cambrils " in 1640, during "the war of the reapers" . You can hear in the background the teacher's voice pointing what they have to say. "We are going to destroy the Spanish army," they tell a girl. When they want to surrender, "the king of the Spaniards says: It can not be, we will kill them all."

In this link Dolça Catalunya presents the children's book, "the alphabet to independence". Subsidized by the Government of Catalonia, of course.

All these pro-independence demonstrations that we see repeatedly, are nothing more than the product of this brazen indoctrination and the passivity that since Madrid has had for so many years.

This is a supposed quote of Adolf Hitler, I say supposed, because I could not confirm that it is really from him. Of course, and fortunately, the distances with the character are many.
November 10, 1933, Siemens engine room, speech of Adolf Hitler:

"When I see those people on the right or left locked in themselves thinking: we will never get to you, I think, I do not care, to their children, we have them, we will educate them from the beginning in the ideal."

After more than 35 years of manipulation and indoctrination in schools and media, it has reached a situation as ridiculous as it is to see children of Spaniards from other parts of Spain, who arrived as children or who were born in Catalonia, to profess an irrational hatred and contempt towards Spain and all that it represents. Families and friendships of many years have been broken.
This is not casual. In 1990 the " Program 2,000 " was designed , made by ideologists of the independence process. His motto was, "Today patience, tomorrow independence". However, his plan had to be accelerated due to the prosecution of its leaders for corruption. It is the same example seen so many times, an idiotized and fanatical people and leaders who take advantage of the stupidity of the people to fill their pockets. Had it not been for this, within 10 or 20 years Catalan society would have been, for the most part, pro-independence, now it does not reach 50%.

The independence leaders said that an independent Catalonia would be Denmark or the Netherlands of the Mediterranean. The reality is that it would be the typical Central American banana republic with its oligarch family ruling and surrounded by corruption.
Here we can see the family of Jordi Pujol, former president of the government of Catalonia. All the members of his large family, except one daughter, are accused of corruption. There is talk of more than 3,000 million euros (translation).
(Wikipedia says that Pujol invented the antibiotic Neobacitrin, but that is false. Pujol put the money for the development of the antibiotic in the pharmaceutics that he ran, he did not create it).

A part of the Catalan and Balearic society thinks that they can stay on the sidelines of what is happening, and that this only concerns the Catalanists and Spanish people. They do not want messes. In the end they will be washed away by the tide.
This is a supposed quote from Bertolt Brecht, although it really is not.

"First they came looking for the Communists, and I did not speak because I was not a Communist, then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak because it was not one or the other, then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak because he was not a Jew, then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left who could speak for me. "

And in the Balearic Islands?
In Baleares we have to endure the shame and humiliation that some educators, instead of teaching our kids to feel proud of being majorcan or Balearic, are told they are, "Catalans of Mallorca " (translation).

Another shameful example, in the public school of Puigpunyent, where students are punished for speaking in Spanish in class or in the playground.

"Some children hide in a corner of the playground to speak Spanish language and not be punished".
www.elmundo.es (translation)

Or this other shameful example of a politicized and radicalized teacher, (translation) was denounced for harassing through Twiter a former student of his, because the boy said in a social network that he felt, Spanish and Balearic.

renegado mallorquin
The family of the victim bemoans the politicization "unpunished" that reigns in the classrooms of the Balearic Islands and ensures that "children are indoctrinated in Catalanism by some radical teachers".

The most absurd of all this is that in the Balearic Islands a language is being imposed by blood and fire, the Catalan-Barcelonese language, which has never belonged to the islands. While the Island's modalities are despised, and their natural tendency will be their disappearance to be replaced by a catalan-barcelonese language with Balearic accent.

The indoctrination of the kids in the Balearic Islands, is even more despicable than in Catalonia, because if in Catalonia its history is distorted to magnify it, in the Balearic Islands the true Balearic history is hidden to make believe that it was only and is, an appendix of the Great Catalonia, and that everything begins in the year zero Catalan, in 1229, when the troops of James I enter Medina Mayurka (Palma).
The most important pillar of Catalanism in the islands, is that stupid "unquestionable truth" of catalan repopulation, and from there everything else is justified.

Following with Orwell's book.
"At the end of the novel, Winston Smith, the protagonist, walks down a corridor, behind him is an armed guard, and on the tele-screen you can hear the voice of Big Brother, the beloved leader. He had won the Eurasian enemy and there were cries of joy.
Winston thought of so many years of struggle and absurd resistance, but finally everything was settled, everything reached perfection, the fight was over, he loved Big Brother.
While tears of happiness slipped by his cheeks, the long-awaited bullet finally penetrated his brain.

In the former Soviet Union , dissidents were tortured until they got public statements of guilt. Then they were imprisoned or executed. In Orwell's work he went one step further. The dissidents not only admitted their crimes, but they sincerely repented of them and happily accepted their just destiny.

Our dear Balearic Catalanits love the Great Catalonia. The Great Catalonia has stolen the language of their grandparents, has made a universal majorcan like Ramón LLull, a Catalan from Majorca. Or the so-called Catalan Atlas, made in Palma by a majorcan, as well as the Majorcan cartographic school, which is already beginning to be called Catalan. The history of the Kingdom of Majorca, is the story of the betrayal of the Great Catalonia, which received its just punishment.
In the same way that Big Brother fought against the Eurasian enemy, the Great Catalonia fights against the Spanish enemy. And our beloved Balearic Catalanits go out to demonstrate with their green shirts and their starry banners, to celebrate the victories or to protest against the defeats.
And while they see their starry banner waving in the wind, tears of happiness slide down their cheeks.