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The little history of the little Catalonia

Catalan society has always been a feudal society, where the oligarchy always defended its privileges at all costs without caring the people, who have always manipulated and used to defend their own interests.
The current chaos situation in Catalonia began in 1980, when Jordi Pujol, a character surrounded by corruption, gets the regional government. In 1990, the 2000 program appears with the slogan, "Today Patience, Tomorrow Independence".
The assignments of competence to Catalonia by the state government, in order to achieve the Catalanist support in the successive governments of Spain, have led to the current situation. Indoctrination and manipulation in schools and media at the service of Catalanism for more than 40 years has created a divided society, where catalan victimism has created an atmosphere of hatred and contempt for everything that is not part of their thinking, already be Inside Catalonia or in the rest of Spain.

There was a time, before this madness began, in which Barcelona was an open and cosmopolitan city where everyone was welcome, where they all added. Whether you came from the rest of Spain, from Spanish-America or the rest of the world.
By putting an example, we had Joan Manuel Serrat and LLuis Llach, the two Catalan singers and authors of his songs. Serrat could represent fusion, cultural enrichment, with songs like "mediterraneo" and "paraules d'amor", one in Spanish and the other in Catalan. Lluis Llach is the opposite with his "estaca".
Today the Figure of Serrat has been blurred until practically disappear, we only have the figure of Lluis Llach, division, and hate.

Albert Boadella, A Catalan, actor and theater director, said:
"The problem of Catalonia is that it has a sect of 2 million people, who will not heal hate until Catalonia descends to the underworld, bottom, culturally, socially and economically, until reaching a panorama of great depression".
And go direct to it. The problem is that they are dragging the rest of Spain.

But the objective of this work does not focus on Catalonia, but about Majorca and Balearic Islands. Catalan's expansionism wants to take that division and that hatred to Balearic Islands. They already control all the educational system and much of the media of the Islands. Now it is only a matter of time.

To understand how we got here, we will have to know something of history.
"If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle" ( Sun Tzu, The Art of War ).
We are now going to know the enemy and ourselves, and so not to succumb in this battle, which started many years ago.

The political birth of Catalonia can be placed in 1258, with the signing of the Treaty of Corbeil . In this document, the King of France Louis IX waives his rights over Catalan Counties and on the other hand, James I, King of the Crown of Aragon waives his rights over Occitan Territories.

The composition of the current Catalonia is nothing more than the whim of a king, James I. He drafted several testaments, in which he distributed his possessions among his different sons.
Lleida did not want to be part of Catalonia, but finally an agreement was reached, and Catalonia was as is currently.
Something that few know is that in one of these wills, Tortosa would be part of Aragon, achieving in this way an exit to the sea .

mapa Aragón con mar
The border between Aragon and Catalonia had been fixed in the lower course of the Ebro River, in the section between the mouth of the Segre River and the sea.

mapa Aragón actual
Despite the complaints of the Aragonese nobility, the border finally remained as it is currently. It was an unfair decision for Aragon, which became a kingdom without exit to the sea.
In this way the Catalan nobility was favored.

Between 1462 and 1472 happens what was called the Catalan Civil War, which affected the entire Crown of Aragon. Europe left behind the darkness of the Middle Ages, and in Catalonia the merchants wanted changes to adapt to the new situation.
Leaving aside the dispute between John II of Aragon andl Charles, Prince of Viana (father and son), the underlying problem was the clash between two concepts of society, on the one hand the oligarchy (la Biga), who wanted to continue their privileges, and on the other the merchants (la Busca), who needed changes to adapt to the European currents.
Finally the oligarchy won, and Catalonia fell into centuries of darkness and mediocrity.

Between 1640 and 1652 the Reapers' War happens in Catalonia, within what was the Thirty Years' War in Europe.
The Catalan oligarchy refuses to contribute with money or troops to the Kingdom to face the war against France. Castilian and mercenary troops are sent to Catalonia because of the conflict with France. The rural population must keep the troops there displaced, which causes great discomfort. The Catalan oligarchy uses this discomfort to revolt the population against the Kingdom, but what begins as an uprising against the Kingdom ends up spreading to the Catalan oligarchy itself. The Catalan oligarchs have lost control of the situation and swear allegiance to the enemy of Spain, the King of France, Louis XIII.
Now the troops stationed in Catalonia are French and the situation for the peasants is even worse than with the troops of Castile. The Catalans, who refused to keep the army of the Kingdom, must now keep the French troops. French managers and merchants arrive from France with more privileges than the Catalans themselves.
Taking advantage of the discomfort of the people of Catalonia, the Kingdom attacks and recovers the Catalan territory.
Philip IV of Spain swears by the Catalan laws and the pardon to all the persecuted ones, this mean that, the Catalan oligarchy continued conserving its privileges. Meanwhile, the situation of the people of Catalonia is much worse than before the uprising.
During these events Roussillon and other possessions are lostand in favor of France. Any privilege to Roussillon is annulled and the Catalan language is replaced by French.
The stupidity and selfishness of the Catalan oligarchy means that 20% of the territory of Catalonia is lost.

Pau Claris, the main responsible for this disaster, is today considered a hero by the Indoctrinated and ignorant catalanist society.

Between 1701 and 1715 happens the War of the Spanish Succession, which faced the future Philip V of Spain with the Archduke Charles of Austria. The Catalan oligarchy opts for the archduke, which promises to maintain its privileges.
Fortunately for the people of Catalonia, the oligarchy lost. The policy of Philip V makes the markets of the Kingdom of Castile and America open for Catalan merchants, which will lead to impressive economic growth. While the Catalan population had a vegetative growth for centuries. In the next hundred years the population of Barcelona (translation) is multiplied by three.

Currently the Catalan independence movement uses the date of September 11, 1714 to claim their will to secede from Spain. One of his favorite phrases is that, "Catalonia fought and fought until the last moment in defense of their national freedoms."
The reality is that during those events, in 1714, the Barcelona authority issued a proclamation calling the people of Barcelona to "gloriously shed their blood and life for their King, for their honor, for the Homeland and for the freedom of all Spain". The truth is that in Barcelona not only fought troops of Catalonia, but there were troops from different parts of Spain, who were supporters of the Archduke Charles.

Rafael Casanova, considered today a reference for the Catalan independence movement, was in fact a Spanish patriot who at no time claimed the independence of Catalonia, but was in favor of a Spain governed by Archduke Charles. When the war ended he remained in Barcelona working as a lawyer until his death in 1743.

For more data, documents or proven facts that can be contributed to dismantle the Catalanist discourse, so many years of manipulation and indoctrination from the educational system and in the Catalanist media, have made part of the population of Catalonia behave like a sect, totally incapable of questioning or doubting the independentist postulates.

In the nineteenth century, Catalonia is the most prosperous region in Spain, while much of the rest remains mired in misery and backwardness. This makes the feeling of Catalan superiority and contempt, is increasing towards the rest of Spain.
Catalonia has never been anything in itself, Catalan culture has been nonexistent, or borders on absolute mediocrity. In the prosperous Catalonia of the 19th century, a movement called the Renaixença, will emerge, a political-cultural movement that tries to overcome the enormous inferiority complex that part of Catalan society feels towards the rest of Spain.
If the history and culture of Europe and the World can not be understood without Spain. The history of the World and of Europe can be perfectly understood without Catalonia. Being in the shadow of one of the greatest empires of humanity, come to less, was difficult to support for the rich and complexed Catalan society.

They begin to build the foundations of Catalanism. As the cultural history of Catalonia does not overcome mediocrity, they appropriate the cultural baggage of Valencia and the Balearic Islands, which can boast their own culture, integrating these territories into imaginary Catalan countries that never existed. And it tries to fuse the different languages ​​spoken in these territories into one, called Catalan, until now non-existent (translation).

The economic power of Catalonia is used to impose a language, the Catalan of Barcelona, in Valencia and the Balearic Islands, which has never been characteristic of these territories. A manipulated and false historical version has been imposed to magnify Catalonia, while the own history of Valencia or the Balearic Islands is ignored or despised. And for this they have used Catalan economic power to place lackeys, in politics, education, media ... For many years they have manipulated these societies to adapt them to the interests of Catalanism.

From these pages we will try to shed light on these manipulations and falsehoods that have turned Balearic society into a society ignorant of its impressive past, obscured by so many years of indoctrination in the classrooms and in the media, at the service of Catalan interests.

Despite the fact that the Catalanists continuously shoot us with their whining about the loss of rights in 1714, the reality is quite different. If Catalonia is now, or was, the richest region of Spain, it is largely because for 2 centuries it has been growing at the expense of the rest of the country. The economic growth of Catalonia in these two centuries has a name, and this is: CUSTOMS DUTY.
In the book "The Catalan Privilege", Jesús Laíz dismantles all the Catalanist victimist discourse. (translation)

In 1898, after the defeat of Spain in the war against the United States, in Cuba. The Catalan oligarchy, which had been the most patriotic in war, with phrases like, "those sausage producers will not be able to do anything against the glorious Spanish people." Now they decide that Spain is a bad business and that the best thing is to leave .
At this moment the independence movement was very minority, but with the economic support and diffusion it received, it grows rapidly.
The Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, which shortly before exorted the Catalan population to go to war, now completely changes the message and cries out for the departure from Spain.

In April 1931, the Second Spanish Republic is proclaimed. It was a convulsed and violent period. The objective of the social-communism of that time was to make the socialist revolution in the same way as 14 years before it was done in Russia. And if they could not get it democratically, they would use other methods .
"We have to travel a period of transition to integral socialism, and that period is the dictatorship of the proletariat, towards which we go" (Largo Caballero, PSOE leader).

Violence from the left before exploding the civil war, can be compared to the actions of the Islamist fanatics in Syria or Iraq. The Religious persecution (translation), destruction and burning convents and libraries and universities (translation), produced a huge loss of cultural heritage, which can never be recovered.

And of course Catalonia contributed generously to that instability. Lluis Companys He was president of the Generalitat (Catalan Autonomic Government). He son of a wealthy family and one of the founders of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya. A mediocre, sadistic and with psychological problems. He was executed after the civil war. And he became a martyr for Catalanism despite being responsible for the murder of thousands of Catalans .

Between 1936 and 1939 the Spanish Civil War happens. After fraudulent elections (translation), the left coalition gets the government. The final detonator for the beginning of the war was the murder of the leader of the opposition Calvo Sotelo by the bodyguard of the Socialist Leader Indalecio Prieto.
Was a period of violence and brutality of a side as the other.
In January 1939 Franco enters Barcelona (translation). Ends for many Catalans the red terror, religious persecution, checas (translation), citizen insecurity ... while, hundreds of thousands flee to France.
Begins the Franco's repression for some, the freedom (translation) for others and the postwar for all.

We should clarify that they currently want to make us believe that civil war was: good very good (left) against bad very bad (right). This can only be believed by fools very foolish.
The civil war was: socialist-communist garbage against fascist garbage, and the people, which was in the middle fucked by the ones and fucked by the others

Between 1939 and 1975 we have the dictatorship of Franco . During the Civil War, in Catalonia, as in the rest of Spain, there were Franco supporters and supporters of what was called the Republic. Some convinced catalanists, as Francesc Cambó, seeing chaos and violence that the Left of the Republic had created, fully supported Franco .
Despite all the victimistic speech and catalanist liar about the mistreatment that gave Franco to Catalonia. The reality is that it was the most favored region by Franco . And the Catalan oligarchy, as it has done in all its history, was close to the winner. From which he got enormous benefits. Now all those hypocrites and their descendants are declared an anti-francoists since ever, and have populated the lists of the independence parties .

In 1979 is approved the Statute of Autonomy of Cataloni. A year later Jordi Pujol is elected as president and will remain in office until 2003. In 1990 the "Program 2,000" was designed, made by ideologists of the independence process. His motto was, "Today patience, tomorrow independence". However, his plan had to be accelerated due to the prosecution of its leaders for corruption. It is the same example seen so many times, an idiotized and fanatical people and leaders who take advantage of the stupidity of the people to fill their pockets. If this had not happened, within 10 or 20 years Catalan society would have been, for the most part, pro-independence, now it does not reach 50%.

The preferred phrase of Catalanism is, "Spain robs us". Even though who has stolen them for years has been his beloved and corrupt president, they continue with the same lie.

The independence leaders said that an independent Catalonia would be Denmark or the Netherlands of the Mediterranean. The reality is that it would be the typical Central American banana republic with its oligarch family ruling and surrounded by corruption.
Here we can see the family of Jordi Pujol, former president of the government of Catalonia. All the members of his large family, except one daughter, are accused of corruption. There is talk of more than 3,000 million euros (translation).
(Wikipedia says that Pujol invented the antibiotic Neobacitrin, but that is false. Pujol put the money for the development of the antibiotic in the pharmaceutics that he ran, he did not create it).

In 2017 an independentist referendum pantomime (translation) was held. Without control, without censuses, with repeated voting, resistance to police, in short. It was the summit moment of an indoctrinated and manipulated people for so many years by the educational system, by the media and by the Catalan government itself. There was talk of more than 800 injured (translation), when the reality is that there were only 4 hospitalized, 2 of them mild. There were a lot of fake videos and photos, which were used by Catalanism to manipulate international opinion. With some international pundits bought with money catalanista.
The number of millions that were used to get to this point is incalculable. There are many people who live very well of all this theater .
Can miss money for health or education, but subsidies (translation) subsidies to Catalanist entities do not stop growing .

With this referendum, the only thing that was achieved, in addition to giving a pathetic international image of Spain, it was further dividing society and increasing the catalan hate to all who do not share their doctrine. However, the catalan oligarchy continue living very well, they do not lack anything. As always using and impoverishing the people. Meanwhile, they moved their money and companies outside of Catalonia (translation) (the money is the money).

In February 2021 elections were held in Catalonia to renew the autonomous government. The result was that the sum of independence matches obtained a majority. But the most worrying thing is that the most voted party was the socialist, which although it is declared not independentist, acts as if it were .
Sincerely, the only way for Catalan society awaken from this nightmare, as Albert Boadella says, is "that Catalonia descends to the underworld, bottom, culturally, socially and economically, until reaching a panorama of great depression".
And if this happens, that nobody cares about the future of the Catalan oligarchy, perhaps some head will roll, but in essence they will follow the same ones that for so many centuries (translation) have been manipulated and used to the Catalan society for their own benefit .

Three centuries of abuse of the Catalan bourgeoisie. www.abc.es

Catalonia now has a broad system of autonomous government. Among other competences, it has its own police, controls the entire education system and the health system. During these 40 years of autonomy, they have used the educational system to manipulate and indoctrinate children (video in spanish). They have used large amounts of money to build loyalty (translation) to the most important media in Catalonia. They have a television, TV3. That should be the television of all the Catalans, but that is used blatantly to promote the independence movement (translation). A television with an annual budget of more than 300 million euros and that only represents less than half of the population of Catalonia. While his health system suffers from deficiencies for years (translation), some deficiencies that have caused many people to have died due to lack of health care and due to delays in diagnostic tests.
They are the silenced deaths, they are the collateral victims of the process of independence, La Revolució dels Somriures (The Revolution of Smiles)(translation).

The process of independence in Catalonia has caused many families and friends of many years to break up(translation). A part of the Catalan society, indoctrinated and fanatized, has an alibi, and partly frightened (although this is changing), to the other part of Catalan society. We had to watch vomitive videos of propaganda and pro-independence victimhood, vomitive videos like this one. The reality is that walking with an independence flag for Catalonia is the most usual, but if you show a Spanish flag you run the risk of insults and even physical aggression.(translation)

This is a vomitive video of propaganda and pro-independence victimhood

This other video is closer to reality.

The Catalanist regime has been very effective in internationalizing the Catalanist conflict. For which they have invested millions of euros, which should have been used to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Catalonia, but that have been used to;
- Open embassies(translation) in different countries.
- Hire international lobbies(translation) to manipulate the public opinion of other countries.
Documents have been found that prove that the support of characters like Julian Assange or Yoko Ono to the Catalan independence cause were not spontaneous or disinterested.
- They have created internal movements that are dedicated to destabilizing Catalonia, cutting roads, making demonstrations, attacking verval and physically to any group or person that thinks different from them(translation), not letting them express their opinion ...
While they are shown as victims before the opinion international public.
All this supported and financed(translation) directly or indirectly by the Government of Catalonia.

This indoctrination is giving rise to situations in Catalonia that recall the worst of Europe in the last century.

All this hatred and manipulation is what Catalonia wants to export to Valencia and the Balearic Islands.(translation)
From these pages we will try to give a very different vision of what in our politicized educational system teach our kids. We can not let this hatred and manipulation destroy our Balearic society, a Balearic society that is already in danger.

Now that we already know the enemy, let's know ourselves.