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Most of the typical Balearic dishes are dishes that do not occur in Catalan cuisine. If one of the things that identifies a people is its gastonomy, and according to Catalanism, the repobladores of Majorca came from Catalonia, how is this explained?

In Balearic pastries there are desserts that are not of Catalan origin. As the ensaimada, empanadas, cocarois and others.

In the gastronomy there are dishes of Jewish or Arab influence. Like the Majorcan fried. And others that, perhaps having their origin or influence in other areas of the nearby Mediterranean, have evolved towards a Balearic character. As they can be, the sopas mallorquinas, the loin with cabbage, arroz brut ...

Ensaimada. It is the best known product of balearic pastry. It is probably of Arabic origin.

Ensaimadas. Wikipedia

Empanadas. (translation) (Panades) Its origin is uncertain, it could be either Arab, Jewish or Christian. It was a practical way to preserve food and transport it.

Empanada. www.cocinasalud.com

Cocarroi. (translation) It's a semicircular vegetarian pie. Its origin could be Jewish.

Cocarroi. diariodemallorca.es (translation)

Frito mallorquín. (Frit mallorquí) Of Jewish or Arab origin. It is a fried in olive oil of lamb meat with potatoes, onion, tomato and red pepper
frito mallorquin
Frito mallorquín. www.directoalpaladar.com (translation)

Other products, supposedly after the Catalan conquest, have become characteristic of the islands.

Sopas mallorquinas. (Sopes mallorquines). Made with vegetable broth and thin slices of dry brown bread.
sopas mallorquinas
Sopas mallorquinas. cocinasincarne.es

Sobrasada. Cured raw sausage, made from selected pork meats, seasoned with salt, paprika and black pepper

Sobrasada. sobrasadademallorca.org (translation)
Después de 400 años de la repoblación mallorquina de zonas de Valencia, se sigue elaborando sobrasada mallorquina en Tárbena, Alicante.

In the seventeenth century (1609), a significant number of Mallorcan from the area of Santa Margalida , moved to an area of ​​Valencia to repopulate it (translation), taking with them their language and their cuisine. Even today, after more than 400 years, the "Mallorcan salty speech" has been preserved and Mallorcan sobrasada is still being produced.
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