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Balearic Islands and Sardinia: Much more than coincidences

Their story is like a copy of the Balearic Islands. They passed through it Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans (who left a common language, Latin), the Vandals, who, like the Balearic Islands, were about 100 years, leaving no appreciable mark.
As in the Balearic Islands, after the Byzantines arrived, all this on very similar dates. In this period they suffered the intense harassment of the Saracens, but they did not manage to take control of the island.
And in 1324, they arrived, the Catalans. The Catalan language became the language of the lords, of the elite. the Sardinian was despised and relegated to the speech of the vulgar people (does it sound like something?).
And after the Catalans who came ?. Yes, the Castilians.

In Sardinia the sardinian language is spoken mostly, which curiously also uses the salty speech, like in mallorcan language
Is it a coincidence, or is it something else?

In spite of everything they still preserve their language, the Sardinian laguage, which unlike the Balearic Islands, is their own official language, together with the Italian language.

"Sa limba sarda si agatat in s'ala otzidentale de sa latinidade, paris cun su catalanu, su frantzesu, s'otzitanu, s'ispagnolu, su portughesu e àteras minores. Custu cheret nàrrere chi tenet comente caraterìstica su prurale in -s. In intro de sas limbas latinas, si sinnalat chi nde at pigadu s'artìculu ("su"/"sa") dae su latinu ipse, cando imbetzes totu sas àteras limbas l'ant leadu dae ille (francu su cadelanu in sas Isulas Baleares chi at bogadu s'artìculu es/sa dae su latinu ipse), in prus est s'unica chi fraighet su tempus benidore ponende su verbu de agiudu "àere" in antis de su disfinidu".
Paragraph in Sardinian language. Wiki

The paragraph comments on the shared use of the salty article, of the Sardinian language (Sardinian) with the Balearic language, but it says absolutely nothing about the Catalan enclaves. To think that salty speak was brought by people of Empordà, who populated most of all the Balearic Islands, is so ridiculous that can only be explained from that stupid catalanocentrism imposed from the educational system.

Areas where salty speech is preserved
Areas where salty speech is preserved.
The link between the Balearic Islands and Sardinia goes back thousands of years. Being the only territories that use the salty speak must be more than a coincidence.
Remember that both in Tárbena and in the enclaves of Gerona, the salty speech was taken by emigrants from the Balearic Islands, although the Catalans do not think the same.
The catalanist tide has made the salty speak of Gerona have disappeared practically. And this is happening in the Balearic Islands.

"Su sardu est una de sas limbas romanzas, faeddada mescamente in su logu de orìgine, sa Sardigna, e dae sos disterrados."
Lengua sarda. Wikipedia
In this sentence he tells us that the Sardinian language was made with the original language of Sardinia mixed with the language of the exiles. As we can see, the amazing parallelism of Sardinia with the Balearic Islands is more than evident. In the same way as Sardinian, the Mallorcan was formed from the mixture of the original language of the Islands with the language that the different settlers brought.

The language of the different islands has some of its own characteristics, the result of the populations that passed through them. I once read that the replacement of the "l" by the "u" in a large part of Majorca in words like "aubergini", "auba", "aubercoc", "seuva" ... come from the Occitan settlements, same as the suppression of the final "a" in words like "famili", "infanci", "diplomaci" ... Apart from the Occitanians who populated Majorca since shortly after the conquest, many of the Occitan soldiers who accompanied James III in their attempt to recover the Kingdom of Majorca, they remained as settlers after their defeat.
Or in Menorca, where some of his words derive from the English language that the British occupation produced.

The Majorcan language is a linguistic treasure, which still retains medieval characteristics. Not only should be preserved, but words and expressions that have been disused or forgotten should be recovered, replaced by other expressions in catalan language of Barcelona, "a linguistic aberration that is not more than 100 years old", manufactured in Barcelona by the chemist Pompeu Fabra.


That Valencian, Catalan and Occitan are part of the same group of languages is evident. They are territories that were united for over a thousand years.
That a dialect of Catalan is spoken in Valencia and the Balearic Islands due to Catalan repopulation, is false and completely ridiculous, as can be seen in "Repopulation". Among other reasons, because at that time Catalonia or what would later become Catalonia did not have a Christian population not even to repopulate the Catalan territory itself.

The case of the Balearic Islands is different. Was never part of the Visigothic Kingdom, unlike the territories of Valencia, Catalonia and Occitania.
For thousands of years the Balearic Islands are linked to Sardinia, and this can be seen in the relationship between the Balearic Talayotic culture and the Nuraga culture of Sardinia, and to the different peoples that passed through both territories (Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines). From the 6th century these two territories are part of the Byzantine Empire, until the 10th century when the Balearic Islands fall into the hands of the Muslims.

As I have already mentioned above, the Balearic language was formed, like Sardinian in Sardinia, from an older substrate, and perhaps shared with Sardinia, plus the linguistic contributions of the different settlers, coming mostly from Occitania, and in smaller amount of Catalonia.

Recall that the effective repopulation of what would later be Catalonia does not really begin until the beginning of the 13th century (Repopulation). And that even after the conquests of the Balearic Islands and Valencia, repopulation municipal charters are still issued to repopulate different places in the Catalan territory.
The Catalans could hardly repopulate the Balearic Islands when they had no population to repopulate Catalonia itself.

The Balearic language did not evolve from Catalan, but did so in parallel with the languages of the Hispanic and Gala coast.

In the last 100 years, the catalanism has made the Mallorcan language more and more like official Catalan, for which it has had the invaluable collaboration of what would be called "Balearic intellectuals". Some of them have convinced themselves that this is good for the Balearic Islands, you know, "there is phonetic freedom, but there must be spelling unity". Just look at what has happened with the practically missing "salty talk of the Empordà coast."
Others are simply miserable renegades who only serve their own interests. You can live very well of the Catalan farce (Schools.cat, newspapers.cat, radios.cat, televisions.cat, websites.cat ... subsidies.cat).
This moves much, much money, taken out of our taxes and used to destroy any differentiation with his long-awaited, Greater Catalonia, what they call, "Catalan countries".

While the majority of the population are ignorant of all this, manipulated by so many years of lies in our rotten and politicized educational system and in the Catalanist media.

Siurell mallorquín. Wiki.
The Mallorcan siurell is a clay figure with a terraced whistle. Figures with similar shapes have been found in other Mediterranean islands (Ibiza, Crete or Sardinia).
But it is not only this, what we share with Sardinia..

Have you still not thought enough? OK listen this and HALLUCINATE.

The lady just finish singing at minute 11, more or less. Notice how the sound of the zambomba is replaced by the knocking of the sieve. We could imagine Majorcan women, many years ago, doing the same job while singing these songs.
In Sardinia a musical instrument called launedda. Its sound could resemble a xeremía. Possibly this instrument was also used in the Balearic Islands centuries ago. Perhaps after the Christian conquest, in 1229, Occitan immigrants brought xeremia. This musical instrument originates from Occitania.

The relationship between the Balearic Islands and Sardinia is embedded in their historical genes. Thousands of years of shared history cannot be hidden, no matter how much is attempted by Catalanist interests.
In Mallorca we have planted a Catalan university, which has been responsible for maximizing and idolizing Catalonia and Catalan. While everything that could endanger the "catalanity" of the Balearic Islands is ignored or despised.

For many years they have seeded the minds of our young people with hate and lies, and now we have a rotten complete educational system of catalanism and contempt for everything that could jeopardize this shameful submission to Catalonia and the Catalanity.
We will hardly find in this university current works on the Islamic era and much less on the common past with Sardinia. Uncomfortable truths could be revealed.

Balearic Catalanism is importing all these lies and all this hate, which has turned part of Catalan society into a sick society.
Families and friendships of many years have been broken that probably can never be recovered. And all this crap is what our "beloved catalanists" want to bring to the Balearic Islands.

Balearic teachers may be ignorant of the truth, but they are not innocent.