Apocrypha Majorca

Current situation and possible future

It is really difficult to understand that in a tourist community like this, it is difficult to learn Spanish and English, to carry out a process of linguistic immersion in Catalan of Barcelona, a language that has never been typical of the Balearic Islands.

On September 30, 2013, a large demonstration took place in Palma , against the PP's (conservative party) educational project, the integrated treaty of languages ( TIL ).
This project consists of teaching classes in Catalan, Spanish and English in the same proportion, instead of teaching all classes in Catalan.

The demonstration was a success that not even the organizers expected, there are about 80,000 people. However, entering forums and talking to friends and family members who went to this demonstration, some did not really know what was the reason for the call, they thought it was because of cuts in education.

manifestacion TIL en Mallorca
Manifestation anti TIL, newspaper EL MUNDO

The rejection of this project is really understandable, especially in a tourist community like this one. It can be said that it is unfeasible, that there are no trained teachers, that it would be a disorder for the students or that they would not be prepared properly.
However, the best way to apply it or improve it was not discussed. This project faced total rejection by the teachers' union.
After weeks of strike, of loss of part of the course of the students, of different manifestations and statements of the teachers' union. What has been quite clear, is that what really bothers the teachers is not the lack of resources or lack of teacher preparation, what is really annoying is that the policy of linguistic immersion in Catalan is abandoned. And what is even more bloody is that, as we have shown in this work, Catalan has never been the language of the Balearic people.

sindicato stei
Union members STEI
The biggest concern of the teachers unions did not seem to be
the improvement in education, but immersion in Catalan.

"If it works, do not touch it". If our educational system were a success and the students were unbeatable prepared, it would be understandable not to want to touch the system. However, the reality is that Spain is below the European average according to the PISA report , and Baleares in the last position in Spain. And despite it, the teachers' greatest concern is that classes are given in Catalan.

The group of professors can be considered privileged, even with respect to their European colleagues.
They have a practically armored job, his salary is not only higher than the Spanish average, but higher than the European teaching staff average.
They have more than 2 months of uninterrupted vacations , more than their colleagues in Europe. In addition to a private insurance.

The politicization of this group has made a large part of the population reject them. And if before they were admired for the great work they did with the limited means they had, now that these resources are far superior, and fortunately, enjoy a salary higher than the average of the country, they have become a privileged caste, away from the society that surrounds them.
Of course it would be unfair to put them all in the same bag, but those who disagree remain silent, or at the moment they have not been heard.

The reality is that in the Balearic Islands we have the entire educational system kidnapped by Catalanism, in a process of indoctrination whose idyllic end for Catalanism, would be to see another great demonstration in a few years, but this time asking for Balearic independence, emulating Catalonia. It is the Catalanist delirium of "Catalan countries".

paises catalanes
Here were never any Catalan countries, or the Catalan-Aragonese Crown, or Catalan confederation, or any of these names with which Catalanism tries to create a glorious Catalan past, which never existed .

This educational system captive of Catalanism, is achieving what was not achieved in centuries, which is the disappearance of the Balearic language. Many autochthonous words have been lost to use others similar to the Catalan ones, while in the schools the children are educated exclusively in Catalan.
Those children who have parents or grandparents who speak Majorcan in their homes, will probably continue to keep their language, but the rest, for the most part, will substitute the Majorcan for Catalan.
The Catalans tell us that they do not want to end the language but to normalize their writing. Many of us know that in the same way that people who write in Majorcan are now called hick later on it will be bumpkin to speak Majorcan.

This is from a comment I read on the Internet. Of course, and fortunately, the distances with the character are many. November 10, 1933, Siemens engine room, speech of Adolf Hitler:

"When I see those people on the right or left locked in themselves thinking: we will never get to you, I think, I do not care, your children if we have them, we will educate them from the beginning in the ideal."

Father Batllori, historian and university professor. Prize Prince of Asturias 1995 and doctor honoris cause by different Catalan univesidades. In 1992, University of Gerona:

"The Catalan of Barcelona that is tried to impose in Valencia is an infamous and infected dialect, what is being tried to impose in Valencia and the Balearic Islands, as a literary language, is the infamous dialect of Barcelona" ..., "it will never be accepted that a dialect as infected as Barcelona can be imposed as a national language "

filologo anticatalanista
It seems that Batllori was wrong, if they have managed to impose that infamous dialect, which has become a language, virtually unique, teaching in the Balearic Islands, disregarding the two real languages ​​of the Balearic Islands: the Balearic and Spanish.

Mossen Alcover (Majorcan linguist). Author of the Majorcan folk tales and now converted, by Catalanist manipulation, into an apostle of Balearic Catalanism. In 1918:

"What right or literary category has the Catalan - Barcelona over the Balearic, the western or the Valencian? ABSOLUTELY NONE." We speak for those who hold the CRAZY and UPRISING THESIS that the CATALAN of BARCELONA should be the norm and the law and the number of "good Catalan", literary Catalan, the Catalan par excellence ... "," That our Majorcan Catalanits do not scandalize what I say here I do not fill it ... that's why I claim as an absolutely legitimate form of the Balearic Islands, no matter how much the hairs of certain Majorcan Catalanists bristle. "
filologo mallorquin
Teachers of the Mossen Alcover Institute of Manacor. www.arabalears.cat
Recognizing that the TIL was an authentic fudge. What would the citizen of Manacor Mossén Alcover think about an educational system, whose main objective is to immerse himself in Catalan-Barcelona, ​​despising the Majorcan language that he so much defended?

In these moments the imposition of Catalan in all areas of society is delirious, and very hypocritical. Catalan language knowledge is required even to work as a sweeper, while some members of the current Balearic government do not have this.
In health we have serious shortages of specialists, especially in Menorca and Ibiza, where many have left the islands because the imposition of the Catalan.
In the education system, Catalan is more important than having a broad curriculum, and our educational system, year after year, achieves the lowest scores in the PISA report.

And we remind you again that the Catalan language has never been typical of the Balearic Islands, the Catalan language has been a political imposition. The citizens of the Balearic Islands have never been consulted on this subject.
Imposing Catalan in the Balearics is as stupid as imposing the Galician language in Portugal.

We all know that political parties do not serve the interests of citizens, but rather their own interests.
The only way to prevent the disappearance of the Majorcan language is through citizen awareness.
Only if we think of the Majorcan language as part of our heritage, of our wealth. In the same way as la Sierra de Tramuntana, the beaches or the talayots, we will be able to defend it.
We must be aware that in addition to Spanish, this is also our language, whether we speak it or not.


They say that history is written by the winners. But if you are a loser with enough money to buy renegades and traitors, and put them in strategic positions, such as education, politics, media, justice ... You can rewrite history at your convenience.