Apocrypha Majorca


In a territory like Baleares, conquered by the Catalan troops, who killed half of its population and the other half sold as slaves. And that was repopulated by Catalans, who brought us their language and culture.

It is very rare that there is not a Nova Girona or a Nova Barcelona. On the contrary, the names of the most important cities and towns are of Arab origin or before them (Muro, Montuiri, Pollensa, Manacor, Inca ...), we see names of Christianized towns such as Sant Joan, Santa Eugenia , Sant Vicens ... But none that reminds us of the Catalan origin of the new settlers. (I know that Santa Eugenia has its name by Bernat de Santa Eugenia , I mean a population with the name of another).

Supposed repobladores that arrive at depopulated zones, that do not know the name of towns, mountains or torrents, and not to put names that remember to their place of origin ?, simply absurd.
If we go over the entire Majorcan coastline and interior, we can not find any name that reminds us of Catalonia, at least I have not found it. You can try it with the google maps, if you want.
But the curious thing is that if we go over the coastline of Gerona, we find references to Majorca. It's a coincidence, or it's something else.

However, when the Spanish or English conquerors arrived in America, they baptized the territories they conquered and populated, with names that recalled their place of origin (Madrid, Guadalajara, Toledo, New England, New York ...)

Maybe, the story told by Catalanism does not fit the reality, so to speak.

Maybe, here it happened as in the rest of Spain, where the reconquered territories continue to have mainly the same settlers they had when the Arabs arrived, they simply exchanged some lords for others, contributing some population, and most of the cities and towns They continued calling themselves as they were always called.

pueblos en la Mallorca musulmana
Districts of Muslim Mallorca. Wikipedia
Territorial division during the Muslim domination of Majorca.

We can see how most populations have retained their name.



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